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Go Stuff Your Stocking

Thanksgiving to Christmas is pressing time. Not a pressing time. Pressing time.

I’m on my back. A two-by-four covers my body from chest to feet. Boulders drop one, after another, after another onto the board. It’s a mammogram and I’m the flattened breast. I can’t breathe. Finally Joni Mitchell singing “River” comes from the speakers and takes me there, to the hospital, next to her bed. And the sobbing begins. Again, and again, and again.

That’s my happy holidays since my mother died December 12th, four years ago. My best friend. My confidant. My champion. Gone.

Thanksgiving of 2014 was her birthday. We celebrated, feasted and ate cake. Ten days later “a date which will live in infamy,” as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, was the last day I looked into my mother’s eyes, and she looked back. Her beautiful gray eyes met mine as her love rushed into my soul, and she squeezed my hand for the last time.

She’d had a massive stroke, been air-ambulanced to the hospital, and moments after that last squeeze, she left.

Her body remained, breathing on its own, but she wasn’t there. Dad stayed in the room with her body, hoping she’d come back for it.

That was Sunday.

Driving back and forth, to and from the hospital, Christmas carols resounded from the speakers. Colorful red, green, white, and blue lights lined the streets, draping houses, dangling from trees, and lighting my path to and from. From and to. Back and forth.

Friday at nine p.m., Mom decided that was enough, turned off the lights, and left.

Christmas cards weren’t sent. Cookies weren’t made. There was a tree, and lights draping the house. But that was only because they’d been put up Thanksgiving night. Ten days before “a date which…”

Christmas was growing closer and a funeral was being planned. The next Friday, the 19th, she was lowered into the ground.

Happy fucking holidays. They say time heals all. To that I answer, go stuff your stocking.

The load hasn’t lightened, but my tolerance has strengthened. I’m coping.

I’m making cookies and baking bread. It’s the first time, since…

But I want you to know, it’s still pressing time. The boulders are on the board, on my chest.

Oh I wish I had a river…


The Urge chosen to be reviewed by Mary Caliendo

Mary Caliendo’s Review site is dedicated to getting out the words of those who have written them. I was just notified that The Urge has been chosen as a book to be reviewed by Mary.  I’m overwhelmed by this honor, and the many, many glowing reviews The Urge has received in these short weeks since its release.

Best Selling author Les Roberts said, “WOW! It was amazing to watch the characters grow–and often fall apart. This is truly well-done, written with power and care, and is a smashing intro to the series. I look forward to the next one. Thanks for letting me experience this.”

Best Selling author Jackie Barrett said, “I read This book twice !! It’s well written and kept me on the edge of my seat . The characters and plot take you down a dark road you want more of ! I highly recommend this book can’t wait for more from the author.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Review of The Urge, author CL Gibson “Gibson’s The Urge is a fast-paced installment in her “Devil’s Rule” series, masterfully drawing upon fear, suspense, dread, and revulsion to propel the eerie storyline. Gibson’s prose is meticulously detailed and rife with intense passages that slowly unravel characters’ secrets. Gibson capably captures the horror of discovering that a trusted coworker, friend, or partner is a sadistic pedophile. Gibson’s novel shows restraint when it comes to gore, but chilling details abound. The storytelling will gratify fans of the horror genre, as the killers begin to inevitably face their karma. The author’s idea of basing each novel in the series around one of the seven deadly sins is morbidly creative. The author is careful and successful in revealing the inner workings and emotions of violent perpetrators, while still emphasizing the vileness of their deeds.” Credit The BookLife Prize

Mary Caliendo’s “To Be Read” review site is non biased and accepts all types of genre of the written word. She reviews both emerging Indie Authors to huge well known publishing houses. There is never any cost. Mary gives the author a real and true review. For the book reader/buyer,

Mary’s Caliendo’s web site provides an insight, and recommendations for readers. Finger’s crossed that she likes and recommends The Urge.

Upcoming Review!

CL Gibson Featured in Daily Chronicle

Daily Chronicle article Sept 20 2018

It’s nice to see my name in the paper, with the added bonus that I’m not dead, or incarcerated.

Just to let you know, I’m now looking to seek book signing opportunities.  SO if you have a book club or local library near you that would be open to this type of gathering, count me in!

Let me know through my contact information page on my website.

Hope to see you soon!


The Shadow of a Story


My Dear Reading Friend,
I began writing The Urge in March of 2017. That’s a lie. The shadow of this story fell on me twenty-six years before, where it’s been tucked away in my head-closet with the door closed.
I’ve always loved writing tales. My first recognized horror story was put to paper in junior high. Mr. Johnson, the good-looking teacher extraordinaire, thought my story was so well written he asked me to stand in front of the class and read it. What a glorious day. His encouragement skillfully fueled my passion. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Johnson.
As I grew, I found paying gigs writing articles that were published in newspapers and magazines. This spurred me on to write my first novel, which led me to an agent who back then merely required copying fees, no reading fees. Keep in mind, this was long before the internet.
Yes, there was a time before the internet, and yes, I’m old. Don’t judge.
I sent this agent money in order to make copies of my novel and in turn she sent those copies to publishing houses. It wasn’t long before she informed me my work had been sent to every publishing house in existence. I believed her. She sent me a detailed list of the publishing houses. Damn, I was gullible.
Months later after the copying fees were paid, a letter came. My agent was dropping me and my book. She explained no one would ever buy my books. It was an overwhelming defeat.
Sadly that’s all it took, one letter, one opinion from a faceless person to quash my dreams. I put away my writing and picked up mind-numbing jobs.
Rifling through my file cabinet years later, I came across that infamous letter, which led me poking around the worldwide web to discover that agent was a thief who never sent anyone’s work to any publishing house. She was a dream-stealer. A charlatan.
I have only myself to blame for those lost writing years. Thank goodness there’s no age limit for authors.
The moral to the story: Listen to your teachers, and not the back-stabbing, blood-sucking dream-stealing thieves of the world.
Thank you again for joining me on this journey to The Urge, a Devil’s Rules series novel.
Please if you could, write a book review of The Urge at Amazon.com and at Goodreads.com. I’m so grateful for your time.
Talk to you soon,
CL Gibson
I really do need your help. Please go to Amazon.com and to Goodreads.com to write a review of my book. It will only take a few moments and it will mean the world to me. Your feedback is so important to me and to future readers. I can’t say it enough, I truly value your input into my work. And now with your permission, I would like to quote Elvis Presley, “Thank You, Thank You Very Much.”
You can also let me know your thoughts on The Urge via the contact form on my website ChristiLGibson.com. I look forward to hearing from you. I do read every note personally and every note will receive a response.

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