Second book in The Devil’s Rules Series coming soon!

I'm currently seeking Agency Representation for The Grudge; When the prey becomes the predator. Psychological Thriller Here’s a taste:  There’s a secret buried deep in prairie soil where four women suffer the cycle of domestic abuse.  It’s 1978. In a mansion sixty miles west of Chicago, a man and his wife are found dead.... Continue Reading →

Then came 2020

Let’s go back to December 2019 to answer the question of why you haven’t heard from me in eight months. December second, my husband, Dean, and I were coming home from our Thanksgiving trip at our oldest son’s home in Dallas.  The week prior Dean was having horrible indigestion, but wouldn’t go to the doctor.... Continue Reading →

Author Fairs are fun!

They are - Author fairs are fun. However be forewarned. There will not be a carousel, bumper cars, or a mouse game, but on the plus side there are no creepy clowns either. Ahh, wait. I did meet a few rather dicey folks at an author fair, or two, that could have qualified in the... Continue Reading →

Go Stuff Your Stocking

Thanksgiving to Christmas is an oppressive time. Pressing down on me, like I’m on my back. A two-by-four covers my body from chest to feet. Boulders are dropping one, after another, after another onto the board. It’s a mammogram and I’m the flattened breast. I can’t breathe. Then I hear her. Joni Mitchell singing “River”... Continue Reading →

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